Swift bits

Since last year I've managed to do some swift. However it's a case of going a couple of months with doing a little a few times a week and then running out of energy and then doing nothing for months. In autumn I didn't renew my Apple Developer account, and basically with the saved money … Continue reading Swift bits

2019 Blog restart

As in many blogs, and in many lifes, there doesn't seem to be enough time to keep up. Having spent the last year working a long day in an unpaid position, I've had no time and energy to blog. Time for a restart, which probably will be totally unsuccessful. I've been working this last year … Continue reading 2019 Blog restart

Tutorials I’ve completed in the last few days. (Part one)

I have a list of Swift / iOS tutorials which I have completed or intend to complete soon. All the tutorials listed below are free, mostly from raywenderlich.com. Here's a list of the completed tutorials: Core Text Tutorial for iOS: Making a Magazine AppĀ ( Xcode 9 and Swift 4 )by Lyndsey Scott on June 12, … Continue reading Tutorials I’ve completed in the last few days. (Part one)

First blog post

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